Love is life, Life is love…



It seeks, cajoles and caresses…

It pines and longs and endures endless moments of angst…

It hurts, it mends, it scorns, it forgives…

It is sacrifice, it is strength, it is wisdom, it is truth…

Sometimes simple and silent and at others outrageous and bold

It gives life, it ends life, it carries burdens, it holds on tight and never let’s go…

It searches and searches until its finds reciprocation

It messes with your head and then your heart…

It makes a fool out of anyone who accepts it and catches the rest unawares, drawing them all the while into its grip

It is the foundation of life, it is the basis of every relationship…

It is not to be mistaken with lust, desire or passion…

These are but roots,

In its purest form, it is free of expectation

It counts not what it has done, nor the hours it has spent, nor the tears it has shed

If anything at all, it counts the moments of joy received

It gives, only

It is neither black nor white, neither good nor bad, neither pure nor tainted

It does not discriminate, it does not look only for the beautiful or thin, for the graduate or business- minded

It allows even the prostitute, the homeless and criminal into its wings

It can thus only be judged by the lover and the loved

It is a gift by the God’s to be given and received…

It is the meaning of life

Love is life, life is love…

One cannot exist without the other!!!


About yasheera

#journo #writer #foodie #wine lover #heart #lovelife Hello World! Welcome to my world, to my blog :-) I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that I love writing, it gives me pleasure and helps me free my mind. Being a journalist I get to write, but not quite the stuff I really want to write about... Blogging gives me that opportunity. I write about random stuff: travels, feelings, spirituality. It all depends on my mood and frame of mind. I always kept my writings to myself, a secret, have never allowed anyone to read it, but I think that needs to change. Sharing and connecting with the world seems to be a better idea:-)
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2 Responses to Love is life, Life is love…

  1. Yasheera Rodriguez says:

    I was looking up my own name “Yasheera” and this popped up. very nice piece of writing. Nice to know our name is kinda rare. 🙂

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