Sachin, My Dear Sachin


We’re all hoping for a successful last hurrah from you. Your last game. The last time we get to watch you and your masterstrokes.
Make it memorable. Make it one worthy of applause. Make it a ton after ton.
Countless numbers of mantras are chanted and incense sticks lit, around the world, each time you play.
Our nails are bitten in and our hair in disarray, hoping against hope, that you dazzle once again.
Each swing of the bat, each run that you make, but more importantly each six that you hit, fills us with pride and love and our cheers grow ever so loud.
Nevermind the accolades and runs under your belt, you’ve given us years and years of on-field entertainment and action.
So bring it on, make us cheer, make us applaud, make us smile.
Our little master, the master blaster, make us proud.
Bring us to our feet.
For Sachin fans around the world, cricket is about you.
You will be missed!


About yasheera

#journo #writer #foodie #wine lover #heart #lovelife Hello World! Welcome to my world, to my blog :-) I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that I love writing, it gives me pleasure and helps me free my mind. Being a journalist I get to write, but not quite the stuff I really want to write about... Blogging gives me that opportunity. I write about random stuff: travels, feelings, spirituality. It all depends on my mood and frame of mind. I always kept my writings to myself, a secret, have never allowed anyone to read it, but I think that needs to change. Sharing and connecting with the world seems to be a better idea:-)
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2 Responses to Sachin, My Dear Sachin

  1. Mits says:

    Hi Yasheera. Thanks for the blog follow.

    Nice tribute to a great sportsman – I still remember clearly the hype that surrounded his debut so it’s hard to believe that it’s been 24 years since. He deserves a rousing farewell!

    • yasheera says:

      Thanks Mits. He definitely does deserve a rousing farewell. He will be missed. I don’t think any other cricketer will be able to achieve what he has. There will be no other!

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