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This special, busy, bustling, hot and humid city has all but managed to create a space for herself in my heart. Each time I set foot in Mumbai, I realise that different kinds of people can live harmoniously together in one city, despite space and work being very sought after. The city engulfs you as you step into it, pulling you into her grip and welcoming you into a world you will not experience anywhere else. You move shoulder to shoulder with people, yet you’re allowed space to breathe. You come across extreme poverty just metres away from extreme wealth, yet you will not find resentment. Mumbai shows you what it is like to be content with what you have. Her people show you what hospitality is all about. You will be offered food, drinks and shelter wherever you go, be it from a rich man, middle class man or poor man. No one will turn you down or turn you away. Watching her people go about their day, you witness what hard work really is, what labour really is. Her streets will drive you insane if you’re not used to excessive hooting and traffic, but it is by far one of the few cities in the world where, as a tourist, you will not be able to hire a car and drive around. Simply because you will not be able to make it even 100 metres down the road. Here they hardly follow the rules of the road, but you will hardly witness road rage or a road accident. This is most amazing to me. I would call it organised chaos. But what I really love is how each time I step into Mumbai I feel as if I am embraced by the warmth of the people. You can feel it in the air. What I love even more is that you can also feel a sense of spirituality in the air. Unspoken, but it is there. You will find mosque, church and temple side by side in Mumbai and you will find people of every religion visiting each one. It is hard to decipher who belongs to which religion, which to me is a beautiful concept. The spirituality in the air is unmissable. Its almost as if the city knows she belongs to a land of ancient spiritual knowledge. Its almost as if the mantras chanted at the various ashrams around India resonate through her cities. Mumbai may be the money spinner, it may be hot, it may be humid, it may be the land of glamour and dons, it may be a land of some of the world’s biggest slums, but it is at the same time a land of spirituality. Anyone with a vague sense of being in touch with their spiritual side will feel this, will be attracted to it and will be drawn to it. You will love one part of the city and you won’t quite like the next, but when you leave the city, you will be sure to return time and time again. She has no rules per se, she has no boundaries, nor limits. She does not come with a set itinerary for tourists. Its what you make of it. And that is what makes her, Mumbai, so beautiful. Go to her with no expectations, with no pre-formed judgements based on what people have told you and let her surprise you. Trust me, she will!


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#journo #writer #foodie #wine lover #heart #lovelife Hello World! Welcome to my world, to my blog :-) I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that I love writing, it gives me pleasure and helps me free my mind. Being a journalist I get to write, but not quite the stuff I really want to write about... Blogging gives me that opportunity. I write about random stuff: travels, feelings, spirituality. It all depends on my mood and frame of mind. I always kept my writings to myself, a secret, have never allowed anyone to read it, but I think that needs to change. Sharing and connecting with the world seems to be a better idea:-)
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