The universe has a secret that is just waiting for you to discover it. Thousands of books have been written about it, yogis and sages and spiritual masters have tried teaching it, but still tens of thousands of people remain ignorant to it.

Yes, the universe does have secrets and they’re quite magical. But they’re only secrets until you figure them out and realize that the universe is there to do your bidding – 24/7. Once you figure that out, you’re basically on the road to achieving your wildest dreams and fantasies.

I’ve always been more spiritually than religiously inclined and as I journeyed deeper into the realm of spirituality I found life becoming simpler and simpler. Why? Because spirituality enables and guides you on the path of letting go – letting go of your worries, fears and doubts. And once you’ve let go of all of these there’s basically and quite simply no stopping you. Simply because once you stop worrying and fearing what may happen, you open yourself up to every possibility of what could happen and you then find yourself in a space where you ask and then receive. Sometimes you just have to think about something and the next thing you know it’s right there – all yours.

Sounds too good to be true, you say. Well, the truth is we’re born with the right to have anything and everything we could ever want. But as we grow older we begin to fear, worry, doubt and act in desperation. These things block our paths. Simply because we create what we think and what we believe and the more we ponder on our problems and on everything that could go wrong – which is what most human beings essentially do – we create more of those problems for ourselves. They will never go away if you keep your mind on them all the time. If you think back to incidents in your life you’ll realize that this is true.

The universe is there to give you whatever it is that you want. All you have to do is ask and when you ask make sure not to worry about how you’re going to get it and when you’re going to get it. That is not your job. That is for the universe to decide. Remember once you ask there is no way that you can’t get what you want as long as you stop worrying about how you will get it, when you will get and whether you need to do anything to acquire it. Once you start thinking about those things you automatically create a block in your path to receiving because you are then still focusing on what you don’t have. When you focus on what you don’t have, you’re basically telling yourself, telling the universe that you don’t have something and the universe which picks up on the messages you send it only, will just create more patterns of you not having that. You may know the saying: Ask and you shall receive. Nowhere does it ask you to figure out how, why or when. If you’re having a hard time controlling your thoughts and inner feelings of doubt, fear and worry try a spot of meditation. Open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities, of miracles and power. Try it just once. Aside from the new and wonderful things you’ll create for yourself, you’ll open yourself up to a life free of worry and doubt and that is magical in itself.


About yasheera

#journo #writer #foodie #wine lover #heart #lovelife Hello World! Welcome to my world, to my blog :-) I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that I love writing, it gives me pleasure and helps me free my mind. Being a journalist I get to write, but not quite the stuff I really want to write about... Blogging gives me that opportunity. I write about random stuff: travels, feelings, spirituality. It all depends on my mood and frame of mind. I always kept my writings to myself, a secret, have never allowed anyone to read it, but I think that needs to change. Sharing and connecting with the world seems to be a better idea:-)
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  1. Jackie Jain says:

    Yes… Well said.. Very true.. Universe have secrets which are hidden to our open eyes and visible to our closed eyes… Have a good day..

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