Change your thoughts, change your life

Your world and your life as you know it is full of infinite possibilities. The trick is knowing how to tap into those. I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again about how you can create anything you want if you’re just positive. Well, if that was as simple as it sounds we’d all be walking around very happy and very successful, but that’s not the case.

So the question is how do you tap into these infinite possibilities. Yes, being positive is helpful, but you have to remember to add positivity into everything you do. Constantly! It should become a way of life. Speak positive AND think positive. It’s not just about speaking positively. You have to also think positively. If done continuously, it would eventually become a part of life. Soon, you will start to notice change happening. Things will start happening for you that you’d always wanted, but could somehow never get. Avenues will open up for you. Automatically. With no action on your part. The universe will literally begin to respond to you.

But when I say positive I mean never talking down to yourself, never putting yourself down or thinking that you could have done something better. If you did your best on something, think that, know that, and then try to better it next time. But never say something like: that was a useless attempt. Or I could have done that better. The more you think that you did the best you could and that that was a great job, the more you will start producing great stuff. If you keep telling yourself how amazing you are, you will be amazing. It is just that simple. And there’s a simple reason for it. Your subconscious and the universe picks up on these thoughts, words and feelings and turns them into reality.

The universe listens and responds to you, whatever you say. So if you cry poverty, you will remain in that situation. If you talk about how your vehicle continuously breaks down – guess what? Your vehicle will always give you problems. If you talk about how much you hate your boss, you will never have a great relationship with your boss. If you talk about how much you love your job, you will always have great days at work. If you talk about how things always work out for you, then whatever it is you try to do will always be successful.

So the solution is simple. Change your thoughts, beliefs and words and change what happens in your life. Once armed with this information, make the necessary changes in your life. Changes begin to happen immediately and that’s because the universe responds to everything. It does not pick and choose. So if you want to have a better day from tomorrow, wake up with that thought. And remember to always be grateful. Being grateful and appreciative for all that you have and for all the good in your life, will automatically attract more for you to be grateful about.

Have fun and enjoy turning your life around!


About yasheera

#journo #writer #foodie #wine lover #heart #lovelife Hello World! Welcome to my world, to my blog :-) I have decided to start blogging for the simple reason that I love writing, it gives me pleasure and helps me free my mind. Being a journalist I get to write, but not quite the stuff I really want to write about... Blogging gives me that opportunity. I write about random stuff: travels, feelings, spirituality. It all depends on my mood and frame of mind. I always kept my writings to myself, a secret, have never allowed anyone to read it, but I think that needs to change. Sharing and connecting with the world seems to be a better idea:-)
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1 Response to Change your thoughts, change your life

  1. Jay Colby says:

    Great post very powerful message!

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